Wellbeing at the heart of the future office

At HB Reavis, we don't just build places to work. We strive to make people's experiences in the office as enjoyable as possible while enhancing their wellbeing and effectiveness. Over the course of the last few years, we have developed cutting-edge methodologies, tools and processes for turning your new office into a smart space that enables people to spend their working time in a more relaxed and overall healthier way while being maximally productive.

We go far beyond the ad cliché of making people happy

We have teamed up with the top experts in the field to be able to source our knowledge and consult our solutions. With real people in mind and supported by tons of research and data, we now approach all of our projects holistically. We are no longer a classical real estate developer. We see ourselves as an international workspace provider operating on several European markets. Take a look how your new office in DSTRCT can benefit from our expertise.


The technology and sensorics platform we use to gain insight into how to use space most effectively, how our collaborative networks work and what the quality of indoor environments is.


A strategic workspace advisory that is based on extensive data collection to help us develop your space in a way that enhances your productivity.

Wellbeing at work

Our first German project has already been registered and precertified for WELL Gold, verifying the quality of the space and its ability to positively impact wellbeing and productivity.

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Designed to provide a healthy and relaxed office experience

Thanks to the possibilities of ozonation, ionisation and CO2 sensor-controlled devices, rooms have higher quality, purified air. Multifunctional ceiling sails can heat, ventilate and cool as required, while dynamic light and abundant real greenery lifts moods even on grey winter days.

DSTRCT can provide you and your team with way more


Communicative meeting places, quiet corners for taking time out and coworking spaces for opportune encounters, inspiration, and networking.


A market hall, restaurants and food events


The park is on the doorstep for use as an outdoor gym and keeping fit. Areas to shower and change are located in the building.


Spacious roof terraces, blooming atriums and sunken gardens: It has been proven that people’s concentration improves when they have a view of green spaces.


Urban, raw charm and spaces for art in and around the site reference the past and point towards the future.


A cycle-in bike garage with electric charging stations. Bike/car-sharing. Perfect links to the tram and S-Bahn.

Town Square

A central, identity-defining meeting place in the form of a boulevard with urban outdoor furniture and artistic lighting.

Well working

Human-centered design with the option of biodynamic light, drinking water filtration, adaptive air-conditioning technology and optimised ambient air.

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