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The futuristic look with trend-setting design ensures thrilling views and a diverse spatial experience. Modern and smart concepts shape this stylish yet also healthy way of working. DSTRCT.Berlin offers a stimulating working environment that provides enough space to concentrate but also to collaborative. The drive-in bicycle garage with about 800 parking spaces, spints and changing rooms fosters more exercise. Three inner courtyards with huge trees and light-flooded architecture underline the wellbeing approach. A place to be.

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New building

Your benefits.

Our extraordinary project DSTRCT.Berlin brings future-proof and sustainable architecture to Berlin. The modern building has already been awarded three relevant certifications. Proudly and respectfully, we continue the unique and rich heritage of this area.

Glass architecture and greenery.

Natural light as far as the eye can see and the joy of plants inside and out. This has a phenomenally positive influence on your wellbeing and productivity.

Atriumpark with giant trees and green facade.

Get invited to the ground floor courtyards impress with large trees in it surrounded by an splendid green facade. A wonderful place to relax and regain energy.

Cycle-in bike garage, showers, changing rooms.

DSTRCT.Berlin is predestined to be flooded with cyclists. We give them a helping hand. Let’s move!

Greened panorama rooftop terrace.

Working only at a desk was yesterday. But you can also relax and collaborate on the rooftop terrace on 5th floor. What a thrilling view!

All information at your fingertips.

Lunch offers, yoga sessions, events, access to your own office and much more. The Hi.DSTRCT app offers everything in and around DSTRCT. Anytime.

Smart building-ready.

Which rooms are occupied? How is the air quality? Automatic adjustment to your room preferences… We help you organise, facilitate and optimise your everyday office life. Welcome to the future!

Flexible workspaces according to need.

Your perfect office is not a one-fits-all solution. Benefit from our expertise.

A slide in the office? Sure!

Exceptional design encourages creativity. Outside-the-box thinking is favoured by an outside-the-box office. We got lots of those ideas ready for you!

Internationally certified and awarded.

WELL Gold and DGNB Gold precertifications confirm the quality of DSTRCT.Berlin in terms of sustainability and wellbeing.

Key Facts:

Total space of approx. 40.650 m²

Three courtyards with extensive greenery

Panorama rooftop terrace with 1.200+ m²

832 bike parking spaces with 260 e-bike charging stations

143 car parking spaces with 40 electric charging stations

Natural ventilation and CO2-Sensors

Smart building-ready incl. App

Flexible space planning as desired

Precertifications: WELL, DGNB

Office spaces available from 1.500 m²


Lots of space for future working

With a total area of approx. 40,650 m² on five floors the new building offers different and customized leasing options.

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6.324 m²
Lobby area
7.388 m²
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Strategic workplace consulting

Our specialised Origameo team consults you to help develop a workspace that increases wellbeing and productivity of your entire team. Our holistic approach includes analysis of your way of work, consulting, space planning, design and fit-out. We even manage the complex internal change management if you like. After implementing your optimal new work environment, we also continue taking care of you and your team with additional services and features. Our expertise is always precisely tailored to you.

Dividable meeting rooms

Thanks to the clever and easy folding walls, the meeting rooms become a space with many possibilities. You can turn one large room into two smaller ones within seconds. This way you can react flexible to the current situation any time.

Office Jungle

Natural light and greenery have an exceptional effect on better concentration and wellbeing, reducing stress level, fatigue and headaches. People who work in green and lighting conditions not only claimed they feel better but their productivity also increased by up to 15%. We help you bring these benefits and wellbeing easily to your team.

Effective and healthy workspace

What focus room is available? What is the occupancy of the meeting rooms? How is the room air right now? Where are the most employees at the moment? Where is my collegue yet? Our smart technology advisory Smybiosy helps your team to improve performance and enhance the overall office experience. Start with a 3D virtual office model. You’ll never wanna miss it again.

Proven to be exceptionally good

The New Building has already been registered and precertified for WELL Gold, verifying the quality of space and its ability to positively impact wellbeing and productivity. Moreover our sustainable approach is also registered with DGNB to achieve Gold status. So this building is already internationally recognized and awarded. That fills us with pride. Because we do believe that just like home isn’t just your flat, work isn’t just an office. And we are happy for you to work, eat and meet here.

Design outstanding

A slide in the office? A shuffleboard table in the cafeteria? A yoga room? Exceptional design attracts exceptional talent – and keeps them. Offer your employees a wonderful environment. It will pay off. We are happy to help you!

not furnished

Keep on the move

Cycling is not only good for the environment but also for the wellbeing of your employees. DSTRCT has a modern drive-in bike garage with over 800 parking spaces and charging stations for e-bikes. If you like to freshen up – no problem! Lots of showers, lockers and changing rooms ensure you a great feel good environment.

Lobby area

High ceilings, impressive spaciousness and generous areas welcome all employees and visitors to the New Building. Wooden elements, greenery and lots of natural light have a positive effect on body and mind.


Plants clean the air of toxic components and transform them into oxygen-rich air. This prevents fatigue, lack of concentration and headache. Greening has a wonderful and equally amazing effect on the productivity and wellbeing of all employees.

Workspace as a service

Our Services

We work with great experts in various specialities to best implement our knowledge and solutions for your business. Consulting, design, implementation and care for the offices of tomorrow are our passion. Take a look how your new workspace can benefit from our expertise:

Intelligent office with valuable sensor technology.

We use the top-notch technology to help you learn how to use your spaces most effectively, how internal networks collaborate and what the quality of indoor spaces should be.

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Each square metre has its own meaning.

Our strategic workplace consultancy is based on extensive data collection. Your new workspace will be designed to increase productivity, efficiency, safety and wellbeing.

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At your service anytime.

After you finally move into your new workspace, we will continue to be at your side: From property and facility management to concierge services and tailored B2B and B2C options to enhance employee personal engagement, talent attraction and retention.

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Internationally recognized and awarded

Our first German project DSTRCT.Berlin has already been registered and precertified for WELL Gold, verifying the quality of space and its ability to positively impact wellbeing and productivity. Moreover, our sustainable approach to DSTRCT’s construction is also registered with DGNB to achieve Gold status. This fills us with pride.


Wellbeing at the heart of the future office

At HB Reavis we don’t just build places to work. We strive to make people’s experiences in the office as enjoyable as possible while enhancing their wellbeing and effectiveness. Over the course of the last few years we have developed cutting-edge methodologies, tools and processes for turning your new workspace into a smart space that enables you to spend working time in a more relaxed and overall healthier way while being maximally productive. We believe everyone should be allowed to enjoy this.

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