Construction Update June 2020

At this point we plan to update you on a regular basis on what happens at our construction site. We want to take you with us and inform you about how far we are with the construction progress and which work is currently being carried out or planned.

DSTRCT construction site

Now that we are above ground with the construction work, the new office building is growing steadily and you can already see how impressive it will be. The lobby on the corner of Otto-Ostrowski-Str. is already rising impressively into the sky. In parts the ceiling heights in the building are 4.5m. During the last weeks and months, work has mainly been done on the completion of the shell of the building in the basements. Now the floor of the ground floor is already being completed. Other construction started by pulling out the beams of the shoring. A mobile crane was needed for this.

While so far only one company has been on site with the shell of the new office building, more and more companies will start with the extension and the technical building services (TGA) in the near future. The coordination of painting, insulation and electrical installation work as well as logistics will therefore soon be on our agenda.

High walls in the area of the deep garden

Of course, we are also making good progress in the revitalisation of the old slaughterhouse halls in accordance with the heritage department. The craftsmen are gradually working on each hall and thus helping to restore it to its original condition. In recent weeks, the waterproof cellars of the old halls and the newly created basement of the intermediate building have been concreted and sealed.

View on the intermediate building

With the completion of the façade and roof work, the scaffolding around the halls will gradually disappear, allowing a view of the extraordinarily beautiful and charismatic brick buildings. With a lot of patience and detail work, the original condition has been restored and a basis for the unique offices that will be created has been laid.

Facade facing the Landsberger Allee

After the summer break we will be back with the next update and further progress.

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