Construction Update June 2021

Our DSTRCT.BERLIN construction site is progressing by leaps and bounds. Diligently we are screwing, hammering, drilling and filling. It is wonderful to see the progress day by day.

New building of DSTRCT.BERLIN

The exterior of the new building is already on the home straight: the work on the exterior facade with the glass front is now almost complete. Now only a few windows need to be installed.

New building with an extensive glass facade for workspaces flooded with light
Wonderful panorama roof terrace with a nice view of the Berlin TV tower

And inside the new building, too, things are progressing rapidly: in the meantime, walls are being put in place and the first pipes and cable ducts are being laid. The sprinklers and ventilation ducts are also being tackled.

The first drywalls are being built here in the new building

Another highlight: the three inner courtyards of the building are also ready for the large trees and the lush green facade that will soon be installed. Everything here will be green, because we are focusing on the optimal wellbeing of all future users of DSTRCT.BERLIN.

One of the three inner courtyards of the new building of DSTRCT.BERLIN

In the historic brick halls next door, the elaborate and detailed work on the clinker facade has now been completed after almost three years. Now the paving work towards Landsberger Allee and the facade work will begin.

In order to get directly from Landsberger Allee to the future DSTRCT.market quickly and easily, the foundations for the pedestrian bridge are now being laid and work on the lift shaft has begun.

DSTRCT.market with food and retail soon becomes best friend to numerous employees and residents of the neighbourhood

Respectful treatment during the revitalisation of the old and historically rich halls is very important to us. We are pleased that it will only take a few more months until this area will be used by Berliners again after years of lying fallow.

DSTRCT.market from the inside

Inside the Old Halls in the office areas the building services and the gallery construction are being installed.

Old Halls office spaces from the inside with galleries and nine metre high ceilings offer an exceptional flair
View over the Old Halls from the panorama rooftop terrace of the new building to the S-Bahn station Landsberger Allee

We look forward to the next Construction Update!

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