Successful donation week

The first week of december, we joined forces with our DSTRCT.Berlin tenants and neighbours to support the Berliner Stadtmission and their effort to take care of the people in need here in Berlin.

We asked all our tenants, neighbours and colleagues to donate warm clothes as well as other necessities during the week to our DSTRCT.Berlin lobby. As the temperatures are getting frosty, people in the city are in need of warm clothes as well as blankets, bags and sanitary products.

Proud as can be, we are happy about the really active particiation and willingness to donate things for this good cause. We have collected a variety of shoes, hats, jackets, trousers, scarfs, pullovers, backpacks and sanitary products.

People from Berliner Statdmission came to collect the donations.

Our partner in this collected all our collected goods the week after and was visibly happy about the outcome. We can be proud that as a community we have done good and helped here together.

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