Together for a clean world: World Cleanup Day 2023 at DSTRCT.Berlin!

Protecting our environment and preserving our habitats is becoming an increasingly important task in a world of constant change. Therefore, it is encouraging to see people around the world coming together to work together for a cleaner environment.

On this year’s World Cleanup Day, which will take place on September 16, 2023, we at DSTRCT.Berlin will set an example for environmental protection and sustainability. We are joining this global movement to make our contribution to a cleaner world under the motto “The world cleans up and Germany joins in!”

On Wednesday, September 13, between 12 and 3 p.m., we invite all interested parties to join us. Together we will clean up the grounds of DSTRCT.Berlin and the surrounding area. The meeting point for this action is on the boulevard in front of the DSTRCT.base, where we look forward to a day of dedication.

We firmly hold the belief that every contribution, regardless of its size, holds significance, and that we have the potential to create substantial change. The World Cleanup Day presents us with a chance to unite as a community and proactively shoulder the responsibility for our environment.

As a thank you for your participation, we’ve also included food! Drinks and snacks will be available for everyone who participates in this special cleanup event, so that we can reach our goal together strengthened and in a good mood. After all, there is nothing more unifying than working together for a good cause.

Join this inspiring initiative! Let’s tackle and clean up together on September 13. We are looking forward to standing up together for a clean world.

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