Inspiration – Art – Creativity: Christian Awe unveils first artwork for DSTRCT.Berlin

They say that art comes from inspiration. But art also requires courage. Courage for friction and for transgressing boundaries, a constant questioning of oneself and sometimes also tough struggle and sweat. The latter seems to apply in particular to the installation of art, at least in the lobby of our tenant STRATO in DSTRCT.Berlin:

It takes an impressive four hours to install a work of art by Christian Awe. Due to the work’s size of 4×5 metres, two lifting platforms are used. A few more hours are planned to ensure optimal lighting: The aim is to achieve the best possible effect on the viewer – without shadows or distortion of the colours. In order not to disturb the tenant unnecessarily, the installation takes place after office hours. Exciting: the lighting effect should also unfold in particular during the transition from night to day. The selected settings are therefore only finalised at sunrise. By the way: our tenant home24 is also looking forward to a work of art by Christian Awe.

Work details: Christian Awe life is colourful 2022, acrylic on canvas, 400 x 500 cm

One possible reason why art is so popular in the context of modern working environments: aesthetically moving experiences, the perception of inner images when looking at paintings provide us with creative moments. Pictures literally speak to us, they inspire us. This was shown, among other things, in a study by the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics last year. Does this make the lobby in the DSTRCT.Berlin a creative source? Either way, according to a survey, 73 per cent of Germans want art in the workplace. Once again, the reason given is that art promotes creativity – but also productivity. Conversely, the stress level is lowered. The positive impression on potential new colleagues and customers should not be underestimated. Art just does something to us.

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