Construction Update October 2020

Today it’s time to announce some news from our project DSTRCT.Berlin. What progress have the many construction workers and planners made? What’s new to see? To anticipate: it looks completely different again than two months ago.

View on DSTRCT.Berlin project from Landsberger Allee

In the historic brick halls along Landsberger Allee, one can hardly notice any changes from the outside. But today we want to offer the opportunity to have a look inside. In the hall on Otto-Ostrowski-Strasse the galleries are already being installed. Steel girders are creating a level here that can be used in a variety of ways later: Meeting rooms, team corners, meeting points.

Historical hall on Otto-Ostrwoski-Str.

In and around the hall of the future Food Market, pipe trenches are currently being dug and pipes laid. Infrastructure work is also beginning inside the halls. This includes, for example, house connections for drinking and waste water, electricity and broadband. Furthermore, the laying of cables as well as connections and pipes for district heating and cooling supply are also part of the work.

The construction between two of the old halls is exciting and can also be seen from the outside. At the moment the ceiling is being completed, on which a terrace will be located in the future. Here, future tenants will be able to hold conversations in the fresh air or simply soak up the sun during their breaks.

View from new office building on historical halls and connection building

The new office building can already be seen in its full height along Otto-Ostrowski-Str. From the view from our neighbor – the Andel’s Hotel – you can see that it is not quite finished yet. Right now the 4th floor and the roof floor are being finished.

Work on upper floors

A highlight in October was the start of work on the façade. The finished elements have been installed on the 1st floor for a few weeks now. Here you can see the crane that is used for installment.

Crane used to lift facade element for installation

We would also like to thank all those involved in the construction for their tireless efforts.

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